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6 Best Affordable Gaming Keyboards in 2020

Best Affordable Gaming Keyboard

Are you a gaming enthusiast and looking for the best affordable gaming keyboard on the internet but did not find any helpful article? Then don’t worry about it, you have landed on the correct page!

Sounds Good?

Yes, in this article, I am going to share the best affordable gaming keyboards which you can buy affordable from the market. No matter whether you are an article writer or a gamer, investing in a gaming keyboard is one of the best decisions which you make in your life.

The gaming keyboard not only fastens your work but also gives you tactile feedback on every stroke.

Is there any Difference Between Gaming Keyboard and Normal One?

So, the answer is Yes. There is a lot of difference between a gaming keyboard and a normal slate. The gaming keyboard offers you mechanical keys that give you better response time and tactile feedback while the normal keyboard does not offer you mechanical keys, that is why they did not give you a faster response rate when you are playing games.

Is a Gaming Keyboard Better Than a Normal One?

Yes, the Gaming keyboards are best for those people who are doing typing jobs or playing games like PUBG, Free Fire, and Call of Duty: Mobile. Gaming Keyboard has a stylish and minimal design that you can not get on a normal one. So, for this reason, I recommend that you buy this best affordable gaming keyboard to get a better gaming experience.

6 Best Affordable Gaming Keyboard

The following are the listicles that our team compiled after spending hours and hours on the internet. Our team personally tested and reviewed each product manually before listing it down here for you. All of these keyboards fall in the low price contender category, so you don’t need to worry about your budget.

1: DIERYA x KEMOVE Mechanical Keyboard

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This DK61 mechanical keyboard comes with dedicated software that allows you to change and implement your favorite RGB lighting and functions as you want. You can also customize advanced features as well as offline macros to get a better experience while using this keyboard.

This keyboard has a slim and perfect design no matter whether you are buying for home and office use. Moreover, it does not offer you a Numpad that helps you to get more space on your desktop, and it’s the best feature for both gaming and typists.

This keyboard has a built-in microphone feature which supports the RGB effect upon the genre of music. The RGB light will change automatically depending upon the rhythm or melody of the music.

This mechanical keyboard has a waterproof circuit that allows you to enjoy drinks and food when you are playing different games. Its keyboard circuit has IPX4 certified, which helps you to play games free while eating because you can clean your keyboard easily if any liquid things fall from your hand.

Furthermore, it has 16 million RGB colors, which give you the best feeling when you are playing games at night. It has an FNX key which has a similar function of FN key that allows you to easily and quickly access your media player; you can also set a custom function on this key.

  • Response Time 1ms
  • Type-C Connection
  • Software Supported
  • 61 Keys
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Waterproof Circuit Board
  • Need to Improve Keys Quality
  • Program is a little bit confusing

2: IOGEAR Kaliber MECHLITE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Iogear Kaliber Mechlite keyboard provides your fastest response rate as compared to normal ones. It has the best tactile feedback, which gives you the best feeling when you are pressing keys.

It does not offer you RGB lighting as compared to high range contenders, but it still manages to offer you L.E.D. Backlight, which comes with adjustable brightness features. Its keys provide you a resistive feel and clicky sound, which also increases your gaming experience and gives you an energetic boost.

Moreover, to enhance your gaming experience at night, it has a Seven L.E.D. backlight pattern. This different light pattern will add a cool factor to your gaming experience.

It swapped key functions, which means if you are left-handed, the W.A.S.D. and arrow keys function can be easily swapped, so both can be in the best position to give you the best experience.

You can also use this keyboard with Xbox, PS4, PS3, and Xbox 360 using I.O.G.E.A.R. ‘s Keymander. Using this keyboard with keymander offers to take your gaming experience on PS4, PS3, and Xbox devices to another level. You can use precision easily as well as shoot faster in the game.

  • 7 LED Backlight Pattern
  • Connect with Consoles
  • Anti Ghosting Keys
  • Window Key Lock
  • Programmable Macro Keys
  • Better and Fastest Response Rate
  • Short Cable
  • Silk Screening on Heavy Keys

3: Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Redragon K552 mechanical keyboard comes with a compact and unique design with only 87 easy to press keys. It has Solid Aluminum design and high-end switches with mechanical ultra lasting string.

It comes with a high-speed USB cable, and its USB connector is made of gold plated corrosion for a reliable and strong connection, which gives you a hardcore gaming experience. The high-speed cable gives you a faster and better response rate. Moreover, it comes with 8 different game modes, which also increase your gaming experience.

It is made of high-quality materials which give you long-lasting results. So don’t forget to buy it if you are looking for the best affordable gaming keyboard.

Redragon mechanical keyboard offers you medium resistance but a quieter click sound and precise tactile feedback for the ultimate gaming experience. The switches of this keyboard are made of high quality, which gives you more than 50 million strokes, and this result was tested by our editor team.

Moreover, it also has 12 multimedia keys that allow you to control music and videos easily. It is compatible with different devices like Windows, Mac OS, as well as different gaming PCs brands like Dell, MSI, Alienware, Asus, Razer, etc.

It also offers you LED Rainbow backlit, which increases and attracts too many users, especially at night. Its plate-mounted mechanical keys and switches play an important role while you’re playing marathon games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Free Fire, and many other FPS games.

  • High-Speed Cable
  • LED Rainbow Backlit
  • Compatible with Many Devices
  • 12 Multimedia keys
  • 8 Different games with 2 User-defined mode
  • Lighting Colors can be Be Changed
  • Need to improve quality

4: MK1 RED LED Backlit Keyboard

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MK1 RED LED Backlit is a mechanical keyboard that offers you a tremendous number of features as compared to any other gaming keyboard. It comes with 87 keys, and all of them have Red RGB lighting and 10 different adjustable brightness levels for the users.

You can easily adjust the brightness level according to your needs. Its double-shot molded keys offer you clear crystal backlighting, and the letter on the keys does not scratch off even for a long time. It does not come with Numpad, which also free up more space on your tablets and gives you a better gaming experience.

It is made up of the same Aircraft-grade aluminum compact design with 87 conflict keys as well as 12 different multimedia keys. You can also disable window keys to take the gaming experience to another level.

It’s not only suitable for gaming purposes, but you can also use it in your office, and due to its responsiveness, it also allows you to increase your work productivity.

It comes with a High-Speed USB cable with a faster and better response rate, and its USB cable is gold plated corrosion free USB connector to get a reliable connection even on hardcore use.

It has long durable keys, which our team also tested that offer 50 million strokes, which is far better than any normal keyboard. It has an audible clicky sound that does not disturb you while you’re playing games.

  • Long Durable Keys
  • Red RGB adjustable lightning
  • High-Speed Cable
  • 12 Multimedia keys
  • Best for Office as well as home use
  • Anti Ghosting feature
  • Some keys stop working
  • Nothing more to complain

5: Alienware Advanced Gaming Keyboard

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Alienware Advances is a mechanical gaming keyboard offering you an Alienfx RGB lighting system, which helps you in enhancing your gaming experience. Its RGB lighting allows you to play different games with dynamic lighting effects. It has an impressive and stylish design which attracts most of the users.

Alienware accessories give you the best experience, no matter whether you are buying it for home or office use. It comes with 5 programmable macro keys that allow you to set your favorite keys in one place. It has brown mechanical keys that are specially designed for all types of gamers, from novice to expert.

These keys deliver solid feedback with low click noise that also helps you to fully concentrate while you are playing games.

It has durable mechanical switches that give you the best experience when you are playing games for unlimited numbers of hours. While its mechanical switches offer you 50 million stroke cycles, it also supports software that helps you to program your favorite keys.

Moreover, it also offers 3 adjustable leg angles positive, which take your palm while you’re typing for a longer period of time. It is one of the best affordable gaming keyboard which offer you unlimited features at a cheaper price tag. It has a high-speed USB cable which delivers an excessive amount of speed when you are playing fps games.

  • 5 Programmable Macro Keys
  • Adjustable Leg Angles
  • Anti Ghosting Feature
  • Multimedia Keys
  • RGB Ambient Lighting
  • N-Key Roller
  • Need to improve Keys Quality
  • No Tactile feedback
  • Nothing More

6: Redragon K512 Shiva RGB Backlit Membrane Gaming Keyboard

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Here comes another high best keyboard that offers you 6 onboard macro keys, which are also programmable. You can program your keys and make your gaming experience better than ever.

In order to program these keys, you don’t need any additional software. Moreover, it has full dynamic RGB backlighting, which can not be compared with any of our previous picks. Further, it comes with 7 preset lighting modes and offers you 6 customizable modes, which means you can also set your 6 lighting modes to get a better experience.

It also offers you brightness control and allows you to full the brightness and as well as completely off the brightness if you don’t want any lighting.

Furthermore, it comes with 62 anti-ghost keys, which allow you to work simultaneously for faster and better gaming response. Meanwhile, it also has separate media control buttons, which you can use to control a video player without using a mouse.

These dedicated media control buttons allow you to play, pause, and skip the media from the keyboard. Moreover, it has detachable wrist rest that connects with the magnet for easy setup. This wrist rest also offers you more comfort when you are playing games for a long time.

It also has software that you can use to set any of your favorite backlight effects according to your needs. Moreover, it comes with a high-speed cable that delivers extra-fast performance no matter whether you are playing lighter games or some heavy games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Mobile, etc.

  • 6 Programmable Macro Keys Functions
  • Dynamic RGB lighting
  • Different lighting modes
  • Dedicated Media Controls buttons
  • Long Durable Quality
  • Detachable Wrist Rest
  • Affordable Price as compared to its features
  • Less Space between keys
  • Keys are Stiff and hard to Push

Final Thoughts

Our list of the best affordable gaming keyboard comes to an end. I hope after reading this article, you know which keyboard you need to buy for your daily routine. All of these keyboards offer you high-end specs sheets that meet your desired needs.

If you know any best affordable gaming keyboard with a lower price tag, then don’t forget to tell us in the comment section. We will try to add to our checklist as soon as possible.

Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Happy Gaming…!!!

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