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5 Best Inexpensive Color Laser Printers in 2022

best inexpensive color laser printer

Printers are essential for any office or workplace nowadays. If you are looking for the best inexpensive color laser printer, then you came in the right place. Laser color printers are necessary for preparing hard copies of crucial documents such as annual reports, meeting minutes, etc. Nowadays, organizations focus on efficiency and speed.

It has increased the importance of reliable laser printers. Daily operations of an organization run smoothly with office equipment such as laser printers. To reduce the budget on utility bills and stationery expenditures, it is advisable to make a one-time investment in buying the best inexpensive color laser printer according to your needs.

It can help in better execution of printing, filing, and documentation tasks plus improved time-management. Choosing and buying the best printer for your office or for use at home can be quite a challenging task.

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5 Best Inexpensive Color Laser Printer

The market has a vast range of models according to users’ budgets and needs. Some printers are compact and travel friendly, while some are bulky, high powered models for office use. You can easily find entry-level, low-cost models as well as high-end, expensive ones.

The question is about knowing which one is the best according to your requirements. Various features and options make the process of buying a printer all the more complicated.

Given below is a detailed description of printers for your office to help you make the right investment:

1: Dell C1760NW Color Laser Printer


Dell’s C1760NW color printer is based on LED technology and is designed to produce high quality saturated graphics. It comes with a standard 2-line LCD screen and 7 simple control buttons. The menu itself isn’t very complicated and makes it easy for users to customize the settings and make different selections.


The printer is light in weight and has a sleek and compact body. The exterior of the machine is entirely black. The LCD screen is backlit, which gives constant feedback and notifications.

Dell’s C1760NW provides different remote-printing options such as printing from smart devices and through email. The paper-handling options available for budget laser printers are very limited. And same is the case for this model.

However, the printer’s bypass tray can be used to print out types of labels without always unloading or reloading the main tray. The top output bin holds up to 100 sheets of paper. Moreover, it doesn’t support duplex printing.


Dell’s C1760NW works with a strip of LEDs instead of using a conventional laser beam. You can connect the printer either with a USB or an Ethernet network.

It also works with the Wi-FI along with other Android and iOS devices. The printer uses a total of four cartridges and prints at a speed of 12ppm and 15ppm for color and mono print respectively.

The printing quality of mono and color prints is impressive as the 600dpi gives smooth and consistent results without any unwanted toner splatter.

A bright blue LED light shows the current status of the Wi-Fi connections. Users can easily manage the settings either through their Wi-Fi connection or Ethernet via the system’s web configuration interface.


With Dell’s C1760NW, users can print both sides manually. It prints fast, and therefore, if you are dual printing manually, it won’t feel like a tedious or time taking process.

Some may find C1760NW’s cartridges to be a bit expensive. However, the high price justifies the printing quality as it gives vibrant saturated colors.

Whether it is plain text or colored photos and graphics, you will get the same results you get from high end color laser printers. At times, some images may appear with yellow hues.

The only major drawback of this printer is the fact that it can be quite costly to use. Since, the cartridges used in the printer are very expensive. The cost will be even more high if you opt for genuine cartridges. 

All in all, Dell’s C1760NW is a quiet printer that is easy to use, as there are no replaceable fuser drums. You can easily take multiple prints in less time as the toners do not dry out quickly. It can be considered as the best inexpensive color laser printer due to its features.

  • Easily affordable
  • Long-lasting fuser and drum
  • Low noise
  • Compact size
  • Supreme print results
  • Costly cartridges
  • Photos appear with yellow hues

2: Brother MFCL2750DW Color Laser Printer


The Brother MFC-L2750DW is an affordable multi-purpose office printer that comes with a myriad of features and functions. It offers options for automated document feeder, duplex (two-sided) printing, and monochrome scanning.


The Brother MFC-L2750DW is durable and is designed for daily office use. The 2.7” touch display screen is smooth and offers better navigation.

The bottom drawer of the printer can hold approximately 250 paper sheets. Another slot is available above the drawer for printing labels and envelopes. The paper size can also be adjusted accordingly.

It is a heavy printer and weighs around 26.5 pounds. It has a simple design and looks similar to a basic home printer but is taller in height.


The MFC-L2750DW is a speedy printer and is faster than other office printers available in this price range. This quality can easily make it known as the best inexpensive color laser printer. Still, the    printing quality of the printer is debatable, especially for colored printing. However, it prints monochrome text documents better than photos and graphics.

The quality of scanned documents is more crisp and vibrant when compared with the printing quality of pictures and graphics. The printing costs are also lower than the printing costs of other multifunction printers of the same price range.

The replaceable toner drum lasts for about 12,000 pages. The process of installing the printer is easy and doesn’t require too much time if you follow the user’s guide. You can even connect the printer with your wireless network using the Wi-Fi Protected Setup. 


The Brother MFC-L2750DW is an economical and multifunctional office printer which hosts a number of useful features such as duplex printing and faxing. It is designed to print documents in high volumes.

This model comes with two cartridges which can print more than 7,000 pages. The large-sized touchscreen display offers better navigation for performing various printing or scanning tasks.

The printer also comes with a media bypass tray for printing special media such as envelopes, tab paper, adhesive labels, etc. It even comes with an automated 35-page document feeder.

The print quality of the printer for graphics and images isn’t too sharp and crisp. However, it makes up for it by its low operating and maintenance costs.

Since this is a monochrome laser printer, the operating prices are comparatively low. It is perfect for those who prefer functionality over quality.

  • Super-fast printing speed
  • Supports wireless printing
  • Economical for printing large volumes of paper
  • Cloud print supported
  • Slow scanning speed

3: Samsung Xpress Color Monochrome Laser Printer


Over the years, Samsung has become the standard for creating monochrome laser printers and can come out with model users might consider as the best inexpensive color laser printer. The Xpress M2835DW, which comes under the category of mid-level monochrome printers, offers speed, affordability, and convenience.


The printer has a sleek, compact brownish-black body and has a stylish white case. The top part of the printer is used as an output tray.

The machine is extremely lightweight and weighs only 16.4 pounds. This makes it easier for users to comfortably lift or move the printer from one place to another.

The printer consists of a total of four buttons. The first one is the power button, the second button is for canceling, the third one is for WPS setup. The fourth one is for eco mode.

Since this is not a multifunctional printer, there is no LCD touch screen available for giving feedback.


This printer is fast enough to handle printing tasks for micro offices. The duplex printing feature is an added bonus. You can also connect it to Android or IOS mobile phones and tablets. Apart from the wireless option, you can even connect it with a USB or an Ethernet connection.

The laser toner also comes in two different capacities. The first one can print up to 1,200 pages, and the second can print around 3,000 pages.

This model also offers NFC support. You can connect it with a smart device by tapping it to a specific spot marked on the system. Once your smart device is connected, you can perform your printing tasks with the help of Samsung’s own printing app. 

Since this model offers duplex printing, it comes with a separate duplexer. Moreover, it is equipped with an input tray that can hold up to 250 sheets of paper. It even has a single feed slot for loading papers manually.


The Samsung M2825DW is a well-balanced printer in terms of its features and performance. The printing quality is suitable for personal and professional use. However, it is not powerful enough to print high-quality photos.

The eco button prevents excessive use of toner and printing sheets. You can also print several pages on to a single sheet by activating the Toner Save option.

Its printing speed is 29ppm, which means that you can use it for simple printing tasks at offices as well.

There is also an option for printing directly from compatible phones and smart devices via cloud service.

The printer is exceptionally flexible and scalable as users can connect it either through a USB, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet. The best thing about the printer is its versatility. It can be used as a personal as well as a shared office printer.

  • Exceptional paper handling.
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Can be connected through a USB, NFC, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi
  • It comes without an LCD touch screen

4: HP Color LaserJet Multifunction Printer


HP’s Color LaserJet Multifunction Printer is a mid-range laser printer that can be used at home or small offices. Its printing speed is impressive, and the machine doesn’t emit any grinding noises.


The machine is quite heavy and slightly big in size. The printer doesn’t take much time or effort to set up if you go through the manual first. You can even connect it with a Wi-Fi network.

The printer comes with a touch screen display from where users can control and manage various printing tasks.

Moreover, the printer doesn’t come with a third paper tray. You need to purchase it separately. The tray can hold approximately 550 paper sheets.

The printer itself comes with a document feeder and an input tray. The document feeder can hold up to 50 paper sheets, whereas the input tray can hold approximately 250 paper sheets.


The printing quality for both; monochrome and colored prints is crisp and sharp. However, the system lacks accuracy while printing photographs. The colors appear less vivid and bright than the actual picture.

If you turn on your Web Services option, you will receive an email id. Using this id, you can print files from anywhere through an internet connection.

Similarly, you can connect your printer to a USB connection, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. This option is perfect for those who prefer a wireless connection when printing files with their printer. A mobile application available for printing files is simple and adaptable.

You can easily print multiple files and photos using the printer’s app. You can also print files saved online on Dropbox or Google Drive. The operating costs of the printer are quite high as the toner cartridges available for this model are a bit expensive.

Since this is a colored laser printer, it requires a total of 4 cartridges. Moreover, the price for the cartridges becomes even more high if you opt for one with a higher capacity. However, if you don’t have to print files in large quantities, then you can even use starter cartridges.


It is a multifunctional printer that can be used to scan, copy, fax, and print. It hosts many additional security features to protects your data from threats and online attacks.

The system gives threat notifications to help protect your sensitive information. It also saves your time by automatically saving you previous printing settings.

With this model, you can even print your documents without any network through Wi-Fi Direct.

  • The system gives threat notifications
  • Crisp colored and monochrome prints
  • Can be used to scan, copy, fax and print
  • It requires a lot of storage space
  • High operating costs

5: Brother HL-L3230CDW Color Printer


Highly compact and durable, this digital color printer provides the option of wireless printing. You can get printing tasks done remotely through any device such as a tablet, smartphone, etc. and save up on time.


This model includes varied connection features such as Ethernet, USB interfaces, wireless, and Wi-Fi for quick accomplishments of tasks.

This printer does not take up too much space and consumes less power. Its HWD measurements are 9.9”× 16.1”×18.1” and weigh 39.7 pounds.

This printer has a one-line monochrome LCD with traditional style analog buttons to adjust the printing settings.

Moreover, its duplex printing feature allows you to print on both sides at the same time and helps save up on paper. Also, this machine is capable of handling paper of various weights and sizes. It comes with a paper tray having a capacity of 250 pages and a one-sheet override tray.

By switching to the toner save mode feature, you can save money on the toner and have cost-effective color prints.

The toner cartridges have a huge capacity of allowing you to print 3000 monochrome prints and 1400 coloring pages. These printers have a high running cost. After completing 18,000 pages, you need to change the drum.

One feature that is not available is the option of getting documents printed straightaway from social media sites or cloud.


This printer can be the best inexpensive color laser printer for completing quick printing tasks efficiently with supreme quality output.

This digital printer provides you with speedy printing, completing up to 25 pages within 60 seconds, including both; colored as well as black and white printouts.

It also provides you with splendid results of colored printing of high quality with affordability. Its paper tray has a capacity of holding 250 sheets at a time, helping you save up on time. It helps you spend lesser time replenishing the paper supply.

With the help of its one-sheet override tray, you can easily print photographs, labels, etc.


All in all, this cost-effective LCD printer is ideal for a small scale office or for personal use. Its multiple connectivity options allow you to get prints either through a smartphone or any other portable device. Due to its wireless printing feature, you can remotely get your printing done.

Compact and speedy, this printer is lightweight and consumes less power. It gives excellent output and saves your time by printing 25 pages per minute (ppm). Moreover, its paper drawer holds 250 pages at a time, making printing more convenient and less time-consuming.

This machine provides great quality prints in color and monochrome, including excel sheets, photographs, etc., having accurately displayed gradients without any streaks.

  • Outstanding quality print
  • Duplex printing feature
  • Paper tray holds 250 sheets
  • Compact
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • No touch screen
  • High running cost
  • No near-field communication (NFC)
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A Buyer’s guide to choosing the best laser color printers

This buyer’s guide will help you make the right selection. This guide presents you with a list of factors you need to keep in mind when deciding which laser color printer to choose. Whether you have a small-scale office, school, or want one for personal use at home, this guide will facilitate you in making the right investment.


The first thing you need to be clear about is what your purpose of buying a laser color printer is. You need to have clarity right at the outset in this regard. You might want to use a printer just at home to complete student assignments or office tasks from home. Or, you could use one of these machines for a small scale office, workgroups, or at a large scale head office of a multinational organization.


You need to be sure about how much you can exactly spend on buying a laser color printer. You must realize that it is a once-in-a-lifetime investment, especially if it is for use at home. However, based on its features and speed, the cost of a laser printer may vary.

You can find a spectrum of laser printers in the market, with some being high-end, cutting edge models, suitable for large organizations or medical offices. But, some laser printers are budget-friendly and entry-level models and might not be as costly.

While buying a color laser printer, you should bear in mind the cost of the model as well as its supply cost and its running cost. Some models may seem dirt- cheap but have a high running cost, instead.


If you are focusing on speed, then you may want to buy a mid range color laser printer. Such printers have a crisp output result and low running cost. Such printers may be best suited for tasks related to printing monochrome text. But you can also print photos of reasonably good quality.

Duplex printing

While buying a laser printer, you may want to check if it has the option of printing on both sides of the paper. This can help you save up on time and use less paper as well. It saves you the trouble of turning over the paper manually.

Multifunction printers

While buying a laser printer, you could check if it is a multifunction printer (MFPs) or not. All in ones (AIOs) or MFPs can take care of several tasks and save up on time and energy. You can then save money on buying another scanner or fax machine as printing texts, photos, faxing, and scanning documents can be done through a single machine.

Connectivity options

You also need to check the connectivity options available in your color laser printer. If it has a wireless option available, it means you can make prints remotely. You can simply connect through your tablet or smartphone and select options and settings for printing documents without physically being near the machine. This saves up a lot of time in case you have to travel long hours to reach your workplace. The connectivity options may include Wi-Fi Direct, Ethernet cable, USB 2.0 port, and cloud printing.


The memory and speed of a laser color printer make a huge difference. The memory size largely affects the graphics result or the quality of a large file printed by a laser printer. Also, the speed of a printer is very crucial. Find out how many pages a laser color printer can print per minute and see if it suits your needs.

Resolution and Color quality

Before buying a laser color printer, have a demo, and see what the print quality is. Be it text or photo, a printer resolution is of key importance. The text should be clear and readable, without bleeding or fuzzy borders. Also, the tone and colors should be accurate for text and pictures. Look for a smooth transition of gradients as well.

Paper management

The paper tray should have a large capacity to save time. Also, the laser color printer should be able to manage a variety of paper types of different weights, as well as sizes. They might include envelopes or glossy pages etc.


Thus, keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, you can make the right investment and buy the best inexpensive color laser printer from above list according to your choice and that is best for your needs.

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