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Top 7 Energy Efficient Space Heaters with Thermostat

energy efficient space heater with thermostat

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Harsh winters are no joke. Low temperatures can make it challenging to stay warm. There are some ways you can keep the chill off without too much issue. One way is by purchasing an energy efficient space heater with a thermostat.

Many people don’t realize that they’re wasting energy by using space heaters without a thermostat or timer. For instance, if you use your space heater for one hour per day at 60 degrees Fahrenheit, you could save up to $287 annually in heating costs!

This is why we’ve compiled this buying guide to show you the best space heaters on the market and how they work to help you better understand your options when shopping for an energy efficient space heater with thermostat!

List of Energy Efficient Space Heaters with Thermostat

1: Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt


Dr. Infrared Garage Heating Dr. The infrared garage heater comes outfitted with an adjustable thermostat with an alterable temperature between 50 to 85 degrees and three distinct modes: high, auto, and low.

It also functions as a humidifier, releasing an icy mist on top to help keep the heated air in the garage from becoming too dry. It can effectively heat a room in a highly efficient manner. It allows you to disperse heat over less time so that the room is warm within a matter of minutes.


The thermostat is an electronic device and operates between 50 and 86 degrees. The temperature range is between 86 and.

The temperature controls it; therefore, you’ll get the most precise method of determining the temperature. This means that no energy will be wasted since systems have just one or two thermostats.

The main issue is that, even though it’s mobile, the model doesn’t come with handles (it has wheels that move but making it move using handles would be more convenient).


  • It can heat the entire room using the Auto Energy Saving Model With High and Low features. Protect against overheating and tip-overs.
  • The weight is 24 pounds, and it consumes 12.5 Amps of Power. 1500 Watts. Electric Cord is 72 inches long.
  • Source of electricity: Corded Electric
  • Dual Heating Systems featuring infrared quartz tube and PTC with auto-shutoff for 12 hours.
  • Electronic Thermostat 50-85°. The Lifetime Filter and the Caster Wheels
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • IR Remote Control High-Pressure Low Noise Blower with an average noise level of 39 dB. This is relatively quiet. Heating can cover a large room.
  • Three heating modes
  • Remote control adjustability
  • Doubles as an air-humidifier
  • Oscillating louvers for spreading heat
  • Portable With a handle for transport and wheels
  • Certain users have difficulty comprehending the screen.


Our choice is the most energy-efficient and efficient space heater. It heats rooms quickly and efficiently and comes with various ways to save energy and security features.

2: Stiebel Eltron CK 15E 


Stiebel Eltron is renowned for its high-quality heating appliances and energy-efficient products. The CK15E wall-mounted electric fan heater that’s both efficient and reliable.

The slim and stylish design is less than 5 inches, which means it won’t consume a lot of space in your living room. It is easy to hang on the wall, and its minimalist design will ensure that it blends in with the room.

The combination of fan heaters is constructed with a simple heating mechanism, and The down-draft system distributes warmth across the room for more satisfaction.


The wall mount allows it to circulate upwards, bringing air towards the floors, which makes the room more evenly warm and stops cold floors from getting. The heating process is rapid and will warm the room quickly.

The thermostat provides complete control over the temperature ranges between 5 and 30 degrees Celsius. It lets you keep your room warm with the highest efficiency.

The Stiebel Eltron heater has an internal thermostat that allows easy temperature adjustments. It is possible to regulate the temperature using the wall thermostat.


  • Built-in thermostat for the best comfort
  • Surface mount design
  • Construction of high-quality
  • Quiet operation
  • Reliable performance. The heat output of the CK 15E is 5122 BTU/hr.
  • It’s quieter and less snoring than heating.
  • Excellent customer service
  • Automatically switch off or switch it on
  • The softness is ideal for babies and children.
  • Wall-mounted units, which require the least space
  • bathrooms that are secure and secure
  • A bit expensive
  • It’s not easy to conceal the electrical wires


It is a sturdy and attractive heating unit that looks elegant and chic. I use it in my outdoor office, which is around 180 square. Feet. I use it with a Honeywell Line Voltage thermostat, which is very effective. There’s a knob on the left-hand side to control the temperature, but I prefer having it turn all the way to let the thermostat control the temperature. You can observe the wires (and holes in the walls). The pictures of the item do not reveal how it appears from the top.

3: Lasko Ceramic Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat


Brightown Ceramic bathroom space heater has three settings of heating for comfort. The Ceramic element design ensures the safety and easy heating. The heater is designed specifically for halls, dorms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.


The heater lets the space heat up as quickly as possible and reduces the cost of electricity. So, you can reduce the temperature and decrease the cost of energy. Additionally, you can change the heating level and relax in a cozy setting at any time.

It’s specially designed with an interior made of safe ceramic for cooling and heating on the exterior. The lightweight design and ceramic component make the heating easy to move around and secure for bathrooms.


  • Three settings: 1500 watts high heat and 750-watt low heat, and a normal excellent blower
  • Actual dimensions are 6.2 7 inches X 7. 9.2 inches.
  • Space heater ETL declared. Overheat protection to ensure security, automatic shutoff in the event of overheating
  • Do not use it in damp or humid areas such as bathrooms. The moisture or dampness from bathtubs and showers causes the heater element to become corroded, which causes the heater to stop functioning.
  • Peaceful and powerful radiant heating, ideal for rooms of medium size. The thermostat can be adjusted to provide you with the perfect ease.
  • There are three settings to choose from to provide a different degree of heating.
  • One year quality guarantee
  • The body of the ceramic ensures security.
  • Comfortable and safe mobility
  • It makes a noise when it is worked for a long time.


It’s a big heater for a small size. Suppose the room is too vast to warm the entire space adequately. It’s not built for the size of a room; however, it can keep you warm and cozy. It keeps this area quite warm, as well. It could quickly warm the entire room.

It has an adjustable temperature setting button. It also has the other switch’s high, low, and fan settings. It will automatically shut off the power if you accidentally tip it over or lift it, which is why I am comfortable keeping it on my desk.

4: Rosewill Space Heater


Rosewill bathroom space heater increases your odds of staying at home in a comfortable environment with your loved ones. Adjust the heater to your desired temperature by changing the thermostat knob to low and high temperatures that reach 1500 watts. If the weather starts to warm up, simply select the Fan Only option to refresh air circulation.


The Rosewill heater is a mobile multi-purpose heater that guarantees comfortable seating. It is easy to keep warm and cozy with the temperature knob to the level you prefer, low or high. If the temperature is getting warm, just turn to the fan switch and turn off your heater. This is the best way to keep fresh air flowing through the space.

The ceramic material helps keep your heater at a cool temperature on its exterior while keeping it hot in the interior. Additionally, the auto tip-over shutoff switch will ensure your safety in the event of a power outage.


  • Keep warm in your living room bedroom, den, or small area in your home. It quickly and effectively can warm small spaces.
  • With its cool-to-the-touch finish and its recessed handle, it is easy to transfer the heater from one spot to another without the possibility of accidents.
  • It comes with a 1500W quick ceramic heating element, an adjustable thermostat, and Fan/Low/High and Low/High settings. The Rosewill RHAH-13001 heater offers warm, comfortable, and personalized warmth to beat winter’s cold.
  • With a heater housing material that is cold to touch as well as an automatic tip-over shutdown switch that lets you quickly warm up in confidence within the smallest space of your office or home.
  • Adjust the heater’s temperature to your desired temperature by turning the thermostat knob to High and Low heat and up to 1500 watts. If the weather starts to warm up, simply select the Fan Only option to refresh air circulation.
  • One year extended warranty
  • Three different levels of heating
  • It comes with safe and portable benefits
  • Waterproof
  • Ideal for bathrooms
  • To feel the heat, you must be close to the heater.
  • It’s not going to throw the heat that is needed.


It’s a great small heater. It’s not fancy, but it does shut off when moved (which offers me a bit of security). It is not very loud. The air conditioning system in my workspace is the main loudspeaker! It’s the one that produces a sound that resembles the wind tunnel and always keeps the temperature at 60 and 66, despite being at 100 degrees outside.

5: Atomi Smart Wi-Fi Portable Tower Space Heater


1.500-watt Atomi tower heater among more efficient space heaters powered by electricity. It features high or low power settings, and it also has a timer, variable thermostat, and all the security features you’d expect from a contemporary space heater.

Furthermore, this model can be heated to 70 ° in less than two seconds for fast and efficient heat. What makes it stand out is the Wi-Fi control.


Utilizing the smartphone app, control is accessible at any time. The power mode can be altered, and the temperature changed in 1-degree increments. A countdown timer can also be set with increments of one hour, and the weekly and daily schedules can be set to turn the heater off and on. If the unit is tilted into the ground, it’ll alert the phone.


  • Control your heater via your smartphone at any time. You can turn the heater off, alter the temperature, make schedules, and much more using the no-cost Atomi Smart App. It also works with simple voice commands using Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • It is possible to use the app without. The digital display and a manual controller have buttons to turn the heater off/on, altering temperatures, changing between three modes (High Low, High, and ECO), setting the timer, and switching oscillation off on.
  • You will receive a text message immediately when the heater is tipping over. Also, it comes with integrated overheat protection with cool-touch housing and handles with a non-wobble base as well as a 360-degree tip-over switch. It can be used on any floor, such as carpet. ETL Certified
  • The Whisper-quiet 1200W, PTC Ceramic heating system heats the air surrounding it up to 70°C in 2 seconds in a row. The heater can be used to heat rooms to 500 square feet. Wide-angle oscillation warms every corner of your space.
  • It also includes a thermostat.
  • The heat is on in less than 2 seconds
  • Controlled via an app for smartphones
  • A large touchscreen for control panels
  • Some users reported heat distribution issues.


It’s nice to be able to heat the room with Wi-Fi and Google Home; just tap and go. However, the initial interface, as well as integration, is terrible. It’s glitchy and unresponsive because it’s set up as a different access point.

It takes time to set up and appears to be unable to occur, but it seems to be set up correctly as soon as you turn off the device’s name.

The most significant issue is that it only allows one phone to control the mode and temp controls completely. The second phone is limited to “on/off” toggle control via Google Home.

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6: PELONIS PHTPU1501 Ceramic Tower 1500W Indoor Space Heater


It’s a 1500 watt heater with an adjustable thermostat, making it an ideal solution for any home. This space heater has five different heat settings to accommodate your specific requirements.

If you need to heat a smaller room, the low settings are perfect. This ceramic-tower heater also features an easy carry handle, which allows you to take it anywhere in your home or office.


It’s a 1500-watt, 1.5-meter tall tower heater with multiple safety features. Built-in tip-over switch and built-in overheat protection provide peace of mind while using the heater. This model heats up to 1000 sq. ft. and includes an LCD display that makes it easy to operate.

It also has multiple safety features, including a tip-over switch and overheats protection for your safety.


  • Instantly heat up to 70°F in 3 seconds with durable ceramic heating technology, giving stable, pleasant temperatures. Perfect heating equipment in the chilly winter.
  • It comes with a carry handle on the back of the tower heater, and you can quickly move it from your bedroom to your living room. It’s simple and convenient.
  • The tower heater features a streamlined style that can easily mix with most home interiors. It gives your house a more compacted appearance, as well as an ambiance and warmth.
  • You can obtain a comfortable temperature while saving energy with three heating modes (High, Low, and ECO mode). Indoors, such as at your house or business, may be used in various ways.
  • You may pick the function you need without having to descend, thanks to the easy-to-use digital display on the top of the tower heater.
  • It’s convenient to use the remote to operate the heater from roughly 20 feet away when you’re lying in bed, relaxed comfortably on the sofa.
  • The tight grille, constructed of high-quality plastic, dissipates heat energy evenly and prevents children from sticking their fingers into the heater.
  • Tower heaters are less challenging to maintain than heating stoves or radiators.
  • it has an excellent heating output.
  • It also helps in heating the room quickly.
  • It runs quietly.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Inferior quality control.


The tower heater features a streamlined styled that can easily mix with the most home interiors. It gives your house a more compacted appearance, as well as an ambiance and wealth.

You can obtain a comfortable temperature while saving energy with three heating modes (high, low, and ECO mode). Indoors, such as at your house or business, may be used in various ways. The tight grille, constructed of high-quality plastic, dissipates heat energy evenly.

7: KopBeau 1500W Oil Filled with Digital Thermostat


We have more ways to get cold than ever before, from long commutes to prolonged sitting at a desk. But with the KopBeau 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Electric Heater, you can keep your home nice and cozy all winter long.

This heater is easy to use and has all the features you need for an optimal heating experience, including a digital thermostat that lets you set the perfect temperature for your space.


This space heater can heat up to 1500 watts, and it also has a digital thermostat. It also has a safe mode and overheats protection, along with six (6) safety features: auto shutoff, auto restart, dry mode, timer control, child lock, and tip-over protection.


  • By comparing the room temperature to the predetermined temperature (40-95°F), a digital thermostat allows the heater to turn on/off automatically. Also, the temperature may be adjusted in 1°F increments.
  • With a maximum of 1500 Watts and seven fins, it provides heat more effectively and quickly while being quieter than traditional heaters because the fan noise is eliminated.
  • With a digital thermostat with ECO mode, you can automatically alter the room temperature and heat settings to save money on your energy costs.
  • The heating element is contained within the heater, and a safety mechanism that combines overheating and tip-over prevention might prevent irritation and accidents.
  • It has a soft-touch control panel that makes it simple to handle.
  • The built-in digital thermostat automatically adjusts the room temperature and heat settings.
  • Tip-over safety minimizes the possibility of injury and irritation.
  • Not recommended for large rooms.


The digital thermostat allows the heater to turn on/off automatically. The temperature may be adjusted in 1 F increment.

It provides heat more effectively and quickly while being quieter than traditional heaters because the fan noise is eliminated.

With a maximum of 1500 Watts and seven fins, it provides heat faster and more effectively. With ECO mode, you can automatically alter the room temperature and heat settings to save money on energy costs.

The heating element is contained within the heater, and a safety mechanism that combines overheating and tip-over prevention might prevent irritation and accidents.

Buying guide

Electric space heaters might help save on your utility bills if you’ve turned down the heat elsewhere in the house and are only using the heaters to heat the rooms, you’re in. You may be able to save energy overall by setting your thermostats to a lower temperature and using a space heater to heat one area at a time warmer, whether your home utilizes a gas furnace or electric heating.

While space heaters with the same power will be similarly energy efficient, you may seek features that can help you save money and get the most out of your investment.

The following points should be kept in mind while hunting for a energy efficient space heater with thermostat:

Thermostat with programmability

Always look for a heater that is programmable. A heater with a variable thermostat allows you to choose the appropriate temperature for your space heater, preventing it from wasting energy by operating when it isn’t needed. Some even have different modes to choose from.

For example, some space heaters have several settings, such as an “eco mode,” which allows you to use fewer watts when you don’t need as much heat.

Timer and Lightning

If you forget to switch off your heater when you leave a room, a timer with an automated shutoff can help you make sure you’re only using it for a particular amount of time.

Some space heaters include lights that simulate warmth and may contribute to the ambiance of a place, so you might want to go for a style that gives off a pleasant glow.

Although this is not the reason that causes the unit to heat up or perform more efficiently, if a unit costs more because of lighting features, the extra cost might not be worth it.


Consider whether you’d like to use your space heater in many locations at different times of the day. Some types include wheels to facilitate moving them around simpler. You can also change the temperature through a remote with most heaters.

Always look for safety!

Let’s face it; space heaters haven’t always been thought of as the safest appliances to have in our homes, garages, or businesses. Although they may be highly effective, they have an image of being a possible fire danger.

Operator mistakes and poor judgment are to blame for most of this “negative press.” As a result, it’s critical to think about the safety aspects of your new heater before making your purchase.

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